Money Going Out is Bad!

We had a big spending day last Sunday.   My front loading Washing Machine went out last week.    Energy Efficient etc.    Lauren and I went on a Sunday shopping spree to see what we could find in the Walla Walla Valley that would meet our needs.   (Shop local)

First stop:   Sears on Main Street Home Store:    We were able to check out the top lines of Washers/Dryers and then go home and do our home work online.      We also checked out what was available in Tri Cities, WA.    Lastly, we drove down to Milton Freewater, Or to an appliance store to find out that the store was closed on Sundays….Boo Hoo!!!! My car decided to act up and not start…. That was mid afternoon.   Sitting for about 1/2 hour  I tried once more while I was on the phone with AAA to find it turned over and started.

Driving back to Walla Walla on the back roads I dropped the car off to my mechanic’s garage!

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Life at the Manor

This winter we have been busy with maintenance at the Manor!   I have an excellent worker who told me we needed to do this, that and more…..As a result, our guests will find it a tad bit more pristine, tidy and just plain lovely!

During the winter months, I lost a few chickens which always makes me said.   We lost “Big Bertha and a few
“Veronica’s”.    In addition, I was able to add four new Americana Sex link hens.    Batumn’s…. They were all on the small side and would let me hold them.

Wouldn’t you know we have had a few “gang” wars with the Rhode Island Reds, and the Americana Sex links!    I am rooting for the new Americana Sex Links……(blue egg’s)   and they let me hold them.

Full house this week in March.    I can tell it is going to be a wonderful year!

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Stone Creek Manor’s Venues

The Manor

Welcome 2013!   I am pleased to announce that Stone Creek Manor has been busy working on the property inside and out.  We are so excited about this coming year.

As the new calendar year is upon us we are now able to host weddings during the day and early evening.  We have partnered with the Walla Walla Country Club to host all receptions at this beautiful location.    Brides will get the best of both worlds.   Weddings at our exclusive property and receptions at the WWCC.

Please call Tiffany or Lauren to get your spot on the calendar.   We have only a few spots left.

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What’s new at the Manor

We were so busy last year that I could hardly keep my head above water.    Thank you guests for thinking of Stone Creek Manor with your lodging and event venues at the Manor.    End of the 2012 Calendar year and into the 2013 calendar year.

Last May, I acquired farm fresh eggs served all summer by my free range chickens.    Brown Jumbo Eggs……

We were so lucky to acquire Henry the II, 9 Veronica’s and 1 big Bertha.    I was worried at first that Henry would be crowing at the crack of dawn each morning.  Since he is a young rooster he has had to learn quite a bit about taking care of all his hens.   Only a few of our guests have mentioned that they heard a rooster crowing.       If the dogs are in the kennel or off the grounds I will let the chickens out of their large playground and let them roam the property.      They have a 100 by 40 foot playground and chicken coop.   We get about 10 eggs a day during the spring and summer months.   Now that it is cold egg laying has ceased and I am throwing straw bales in the large coop for them to keep warm.    They are eating and sleeping quite a bit.    This whole chicken experience has been something for me.   City girl vs Country living.    

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Ski Bluewood

Forgot to mention: Last week we had two groups of guests visit from Portland, OR and Scottsdale, AZ to “Ski Bluewood”. Wouldn’t you know that they had just a bit of new snow and rain. (this group of 4 were 3 snowboarder’s and one skiier)

This week, as of this morning: 14 inches of new snow and 24 degrees. Another perfect reason to come visit Walla Walla during the winter months. Great powder snow for all those younger snowboarders and skiier’s!

Ski Bluewood is just 40 miles away. Elevation: 5400 feet with 1000 feet of verticle…

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Complimentary Bridal Shower

Tiffany just posted on our Facebook Page -Complimentary Bridal Shower

Write on our Facebook Page why you deserve the Complimentary Bridal Shower. Tiffany will be reviewing the comments! Either a luncheon or afternoon tea up to 16 guests.

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What’s New

Good News from the home Front!    I am pleased that Tiffany Aliverti Klien will be our Events Coordinator for Stone Creek Manor.   Weddings,   Receptions, Luncheons, After Noon Tea’s, Bridal Shower’s, Brunch, Rehersal Dinner’s etc.   Tiffany’s focus will be on Events only.    Please call to schedule your next special event venue.  

Please call us to book your next venue event.   509-593-4770.      Email:

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Welcome 2012

As the new year begins I would like to thank you all for making Stone Creek Manor a huge success!   I woke up early this morning thinking about the changes we have made to the property.   Painting and Landscaping are the two big items thus far since we closed in December.  

Social Media is a big thing now in our marketing world.   Take a peek at our “Facebook Page” !   Stone Creek Manor welcomes your feedback and be sure to “like us”   or “Become our Fan”.   

Garrison Creek Cellars is our “Sister Winery”.  We feel so lucky to have Garrison Creek Cellars take such good care of our guests for their special wine tasting events.   Barrel Tasting down in the Cave and the wine is superb!!!!   They are not open to the public, I just need to make the date for our guests.    Check it out…  

Lastly,   We are now offering escorted wine tours in the Walla Walla Valley for those tourists visiting whom choose not to drive.   I have three wonderful driver’s who are available to help you on your Walla Walla Wine Discovery’s…

Thank you,


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Mid December 2011 Arrival of Winter

Freezing Fog/cold Dec. 9th
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We are Number One!

Voted # 1 on      Thank you guests!

Our labor of love has finally paid off.   Thank you guests for voting Stone Creek Manor as the #1 choice for your lodging needs while visiting Walla Walla Wine Country.   Walla Walla’s Premier Bed and Breakfast.  Featuring the best in Service and Luxury. 


 Oh wouldn’t you know that one week later we have dropped down to the number 2 spot.  If only our guests would write a quick review on     Link is above.     Don’t worry past guests, I will make room for you as always.       12/14/11

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